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Anna Jarrige (portrait)


Every massage is unique. Anna´s interest lies in supporting her guest on a physical and energetic level through touch. Nevertheless, the use of the voice, the vibration of the vocal cords, the use of conscious breathing exercises ... might be suggested and are essential to keep in touch and feedback with each other.

Deeply informed by the Feldenkrais method and dance, body scans, stretches and movements exercises can also be offered.

Each appointment will begin and end with a discussion to determine what could be the best way for her to support her guest.

For Anna, anatomy, body work, and movement belong to a field of knowledge that are lifelong processes of learning. Her application of this knowledge remains flexible in order to address different needs and ways of supporting her guests. She therefore offers different variations of classic massages. A session might include: deep tissue massage, trigger point acupressure, stretches, shaking, supported movements to unlock joints and find a better range of movement, scanning meditation (in standing, sitting or lying)...

Important : Anna offers a safe space for Queer and Flint*community. Anna has experienced in her dance education and career first hand the pressure to conform and control the body. These experiences have not always been positive or inclusive spaces or philosophies. As a dancer, as a socialized female, the policing of the human body through normative ideas of beauty, movement or form has been a constant and painful experience. Anna seeks in her practice to facilitate people connecting to the bodies they inhabit and to give treatment in a space that fosters body positivity and is safe for all bodies regardless of race, form and gender.


Certification Anna is certified by Spirit Yoga Berlin since June 2018 where she mastered the practice of Swedish massages also called Classic massage. She also learnt the basics of Shiatsu and offers Wellness Shiatsu. She works actively in this field since August 2018. On request, elements of Shiatsu can be incorporated into the Swedish massage sessions. Swedish massage is based on the Western concept of Anatomy and Physiology and is a technique of manual therapy also called “classic” massage. It focuses on the general well being and relaxation of the entire body by focusing on releasing tight muscles and their connective tissues (fascias), restoring the range of motion and activating the bloodstream. It uses different techniques such as compression, muscles stripping and stroke, acupressure, trigger points, specific directions to stimulate the circulation… Among others, Swedish massage improves the process of healing, concentration, sleep, digestion and reduces pain.


Anna Jarrige (1988) is a Berlin based massage practitioner, dance artist (contemporary dance) and a student in the 3d year of the Feldenkrais training. She grew up in Saint-Etienne/Lyon, France.

In June 2018 she completed a one year ,classic massage and wellness Shiatsu training, at Spirit Yoga Berlin, led by Shannon Sullivan. She works almost exclusively in this field since then. (“Nickerchen”, Yoga Retreats, Business Massage) Since 2017, Anna has studied the Feldenkrais method and has begun to teach Awareness Through Movement classes. In 2021, she will finish the 4 year program and be able to offer Funktional Integration sessions.

In 2016, Anna graduated from the Bachelor “Dance, Choreography, Context” from the Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin. Between 2010 and 2014, Anna performed and toured in Europe with the “Trigger Track Collective” a collective based in Vienna which she co-founded with four other dancers. In 2010, Anna finished the 3 year intensive dance training at the “Salzburg Experimental Academy of dance”, director Suzan Quinn. Anna started to dance at the age of 5 and had the opportunity to work professionally between 12 and 14 for 2 French choreographers. After finishing high school with a focus in dance, Anna lived in Bruxelles where she encountered for the first time Pilates , Yoga and trained in various handstands and acrobatics techniques in a circus school.

From dance to massage From early on Anna was interested in anatomy, healing and recovery methods. Through daily and intensive training she was, as are most dancers, faced with injuries, chronic pain and in recent years, knee surgery. As a young adult and dancer, she began always carrying an anatomy book with her and studied the basics, such as the organisation of the skeleton, names of bones as well as the major muscle functions. Following this curiosity and the necessity, Anna regularly traded massages with other dancers and discovered a satisfying practice.

Acupuncture, Shiatsu, classic massage, Rolfing, meditation, osteopathy, and Feldenkrais have been subsequently coming into her path and support her in finding a more functional way of moving and resting, and this she wants to transmit to others. The training in massage and Feldenkrais fulfill an old and deep interest.