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Anna Jarrige

Feldenkrais & Massages

About me

Anna Jarrige (portrait)

I am a Berlin-based massage practitioner, certified by Spirit Yoga Berlin since June 2018 where I mastered the practice of Swedish massages. I have also learned the basics of Shiatsu and can incorporate on request acupressure on the meridians during our sessions. Each massage being unique, my interest lies on supporting my guest on a physical and energetic level through touch. In addition I am a professional dancer in contemporary dance and a 3d year student of Feldenkrais in Berlin. Both practices are deeply informing my approach to the body. My practice is a safe space for Queer and Flint* communities.

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“I booked a one hour classical massage with Shiatsu elements and loved it. As a new mother, despite all the joy, I felt sleep deprived, and suffered of back pain. Anna’s massage was a great relieve. The next day I felt energized, relaxed and joyful. Besides, Anna is a very nice and warm person and it is a pleasure to be around her.”
Ania Aristarkhova, Dancer, Choreographer, Yoga teacher


Prise de conscience par le mouvement, tous les jeudis matin de 10h00 à 11h00 (HNEC).

Retrouvez le cours en vidéo conférence sur Zoom.

Awareness Through Movement lessons, every Thursday evening 19pm-20pm (CET) online on Zoom.

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Every massage is unique. My interest lies in supporting the guest on a physical and energetic level through touch. Nevertheless, the use of voice, vibration of the vocal cords as well as conscious breathing exercises might be suggested and are essential to keep in touch and feedback with each other.

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